A summary of the tournament results can be found here, and the full results are up in PDF format on the results page.
Warm-Up Time Available for the Front Range Open
The Fort Collins Senior Center will be open for warm-up and drop-in play on May 9, 2003 from 12:00 Noon until 5:00 PM. The cost is $3.50 for the drop in fee for full facility use (table tennis, showers, hot tub, pool). Thanks to Katie Stieber for arranging this for us. Please go to the location page for a map and to get directions.
Contact Information

If you cannot download the forms or register online please call (970)207-1394
Entry Blanks
Open Singles SE11:30A$10Y
Open Doubles SE9:30A$5 (each)Y
U-1800 Singles RR1:00P$15Y
U-1200 Singles RR2:00P$15Y
Junior (-16) Singles RR10:30A$10Y
Senior Men (+55) Singles RR3:00P$8N
Senior Women (+55) Singles RR3:30P$8N
Front Range Open

Front Range Open
Front Range Seniors
Table Tennis Tournament

Saturday 10 May 2003
Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Dr, Fort Collins, CO
Sponsored By:
Fort Collins Table Tennis Club and the City of Fort Collins
Sanctioned By:*
USA Table Tennis
The Front Range Open is Sanctioned by the USATT, the Front Range Seniors is not.
Tournament Rating:*
Zero (0) Star. The Front Range Open is a zero star tournament.
Tournament Committee:
Mike King, Director
Mike Morita
Judd Disch
Charleste King
Mike Mui
Open to all members of the USATT. Non-members may join by paying the membership fee with their entry. Details on entry form. Players who have never been USATT members may buy a one time only Tournament Pass.
Front Range Seniors entrants need only qualify for the age requirements.
Eligibility for Events:
Players may enter a maximum of three (3) events combined for the FRO and the FRS Tournaments.
Players may not enter both the Open Singles and the U-1200 Singles.
Players entering ratings events are eligible if their rating is below the rating listed for the event or they are unrated.
Senior (55+): adults 55 years of age and older as of 10 May 2003.
Junior (-16): children 16 years of age and under as of 10 May 2003.
All USATT regulations apply.
Only USATT approved equipment will be used.
Tables: Stiga US Open tables
Nets: Butterfly
Balls: Orange Nittaku *** 40mm balls
Floors: Gymnasium hardwood
Rackets - The striking surface must be pimpled rubber, pips up or inverted. One side of the racket must be bright red, the other side must be black, whether or not both sides are used for striking the ball. The racket may not be changed in a match unless it is broken.
Sixteen (16) or twenty four (24) entries per event, maximum.
Open Singles and Open Doubles: Single Elimination (SE).
All others: Round Robin (RR), top 2 advance to SE.
Sanctioned events are best 3 out of 5 11 point games.
Senior Mens events are best 3 out of 5 11 point games.
Senior Womens events are best 2 out of 3 11 point games.
Dress Code:
The USATT Dress Code applies. Shorts or skirts and the main body of the shirt or blouse must be significantly different from the color of the ball (orange). Tank tops, jeans, cutoffs, large designs, or large lettering will not be permitted. Socks and rubber-soled shoes must be worn. Collars and/or sleeves may be of any color.
Entry Deadline:
Wednesday 07 May 2003
Late entries (postmarked after the entry deadline, or received online after the entry deadline) will be charged an additional $10 late registration fee.
Remittance of Entry:
Please make checks or money orders payable to: Mike King
Send a completed entry blank with your entry fees to:
FCTTC c/o Mike King, 227 Lyfka St, Fort Collins, CO 80525-7072
Credit cards are accepted when using online registration.
Online registration is available for those willing to pay using PayPal. Go to
Reporting and Starting Times:
Registration and Check-In begins promptly at 9:00 AM. Players must register/check-in at the desk not later than 15 minutes prior to the starting time for their earliest event.
The tournament committee reserves the right to cancel any event or combine events if there are insufficient entries. Fees refunded for any cancelled event.
In case of a scheduling conflict that cannot be resolved, the higher rated event will take precedence, and you must abandon the lower rated event. If your play has not begun for the lower rated event, your entry fee for that event will be refunded.
The tournament committee reserves the right to restrict an event to a limited number of entrants.
Fees collected will not be refunded for no-shows, match abandonment, forfeit, injury or to those who do not give at least 24 hours advanced written notice.
Liability Waiver:
All entrants must sign the Liability Waiver. If the entrant is under 18 years of age on the date of the tournament, then the waiver must be signed by their parent or legal guardian. The waiver will be available at the registration desk.
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