The 2007 Front Range Open was held at the Fort Collins Senior Center on Saturday, 5 May 2007. It was a 0-Star USATT Sanctioned Tournament .
City of Fort Collins Sponsored2007 Front Range Open
Thanks to all participants for coming down! There were 34 players in this years tournament. It was exciting to see so many new players and old friends. There will be a write-up posted a bit later after we've gathered our thoughts...

Special thanks to Katie Stieber, Joyce McCready, David Ruhberg, Heather Keleman, Sam Tomoi, Bryon Kippschull, Mike Mui, Ron Lusk, and all you people helped us out for all of your hard work, donations and assistance. Big thanks to the Fort Collins Senior Center and the City of Fort Collins for their sponsorship.
Photo Gallery
Check out the Photo Gallery. Many of the pictures are slightly blurred due to lack of flash... so if you have any you'd like us to post, please Contact the Tournament Director.
The tournament was run using Zermelo, a table tennis tournament program used with
Results at ratings are already posted.
Division A
Final: Austin Preiss (Pikes Peak TTC) def. Chris Salazar (Aurora TTC) 10,8,-6,5
Semi-final 1: Salazar def. Ron Lusk (Aurora TTC) -7,4,-6,7,5
Semi-final 2: Preiss def. Viet (Ken) Lieu (Aurora TTC) 12,-7,7,46
Open Doubles Winners
(Left-to-Right) Tournament Director: Mike King, Champion: Austin Preiss, Runner Up: Chris Salazar
Division B
Final: Richard Howell (Colorado Springs) def. Richard Haines (Cheyenne TTC) 6,-9,-7,9,9
Semi-final 1: Haines def. Johan K. Alfredeen (FCTTC) 9,-9,3,12
Semi-final 2: Howell def. Jan Nowakowski (Colorado Springs) 9,7,-9,-10,8
Open Singles Winners
(Left-to-Right) Runner Up: Richard Haines, Champion: Richard Howell
Division C
Final: Larry Rose (Pikes Peak TTC) def. Allen Huffman (FCTTC) -10,9,8,5
Semi-final 1: Rose def. Mike Hardin (FCTTC) 7,4,6
Semi-final 2: Huffman def. Manny Salazar (Aurora TTC) 4,6,2
U-1950s Winners
(Left-to-Right) Champion: Larry Rose, Runner Up: Allen Huffman
Division D
Final: Bryon Kippschull (FCTTC) def. Val Gorodin (Aurora TTC) 7,-8,6,-6,7
Semi-final 1: Kippschull def. Mike Morita (FCTTC) 6,11,6
Semi-final 2: Gorodin def. Lee Rodriguez (Pikes Peak TTC) 5,5,9
U-1650s Winners
(Left-to-Right) Champion: Bryon Kippschull, Runner Up: Val Gorodin
Division E
Final: Keith Stewart (Pikes Peak TTC) def. Robert Zechiel (Wyoming) 5,-5,8,4
Semi-final 1: Stewart def. David Ruhberg (FCTTC) -3,5,6,-6,4
Semi-final 2: Zechiel def. Igor Kokoshinskiy (Aurora TTC) 7,6,6
U-1250s Winners
(Left-to-Right) Champion: Keith Steward, Runner Up: Robert Zechiel
Full Results
Full results in PDF Format:
If you would like a large (1600x1200) copy of the photographs taken during the tournament, please contact us!
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