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Thank you to all who participated and helped!
Thank you to all of the participants and workers who helped with this tournament! We had 25 participants plus many spectators!
A Very Special Thanks
Special thanks from the tournament director and secretary to Katie Stieber, Judd Disch, David Ruhberg, Jason Roybal, the Tournament Committee, and David Marcus for all of your hard work, donations and assistance. Big thanks to the Fort Collins Senior Center and the City of Fort Collins for their sponsorship.
The tournament was run using Zermelo, a table tennis tournament program used with
Results at ratings are already posted.

Summary of Results from the Fort Collins Open held on 19 November 2005 at the FCSC

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Group A
Finals: Seledchik, Nick (ATTC) def. Jiang, Frank (fcttc) 6,6,4
Semi-Final 1: Seledchik, Nick (ATTC) def. Roybal, Jason (fcttc) 9,5,13
Semi-Final 2: Jiang, Frank (fcttc) def. Bjorklund, Stan (fcttc) 11,-9,6,12
Group A Winners
(Left to Right) 2nd Place Frank Jiang (fcttc), 1st Place Nick Seledchik (ATTC)

Group B
Finals: Morita, Mike (fcttc) def. Morita, Shoko (fcttc) 2,8,4
Semi-Final 1: Morita, Mike (fcttc) def. Parsons, Iku (fcttc) 1,-6,-9,11,5
Semi-Final 2: Morita, Shoko (fcttc) def. Morrison, Wally (Windsor) 9,6,8
Group B Winners
(Left to Right) 2nd Place Shoko Morita (fcttc), 1st Place Mike Morita (fcttc)

Top Placed Senior (55+)
Mike Morita (fcttc) for finishing 1st in Round 2
Top Placed Senior (55+) Winners
1st Place Mike Morita (fcttc)

Full Results from the Fort Collins Open held on 19 November 2005 at the FCSC

Round 1
Round Robin
Round 2
Group A Single Elimination
Group B Single Elimination
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