Group A
Player NumberIDNameABCDEMatch PointsFinish
A11312Karam, Jimmy 3-23-03-03-081
B10771Vescera, Ralph2-3 3-03-03-072
C11041Bell, Gregg0-30-3 3-12-353
D11040Gaidamauskas, Ernestas0-30-31-3 3-054
E10833Disch, Judd0-30-33-20-3 55
Group B
Player NumberIDNameABCDEMatch PointsFinish
A10835King, Mike 1-33-10-33-063
B10973Bjorklund, Stan3-1 2-30-33-162
C10971Morita, Mike1-33-2 0-33-164
D11040Jiang, Frank3-03-03-0 3-081
E10878Gutierrez, David0-31-30-30-3 45
Group C
Player NumberIDNameABCDEMatch PointsFinish
A10977Krauss, Todd 3-13-03-03-081
B11042Murphy, Seth1-3 3-03-03-072
C11038Frerich, Matt0-30-3 2-33-054
D11039Fanberg, Doug0-30-33-2 3-163
E11093Turner, Tammy0-30-30-31-3 45

*Groups A & B both had three-way match point ties, and head-to-head ties. Those group final ratings were decided by games won (total) - games lost (total), and then head-to-head.

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