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Weekly Play
Information about weekly table tennis play in Northern Colorado.
Information about the monthly round-robin events.
Information regarding local tournaments.
Information about the Fort Collins Table Tennis Club.
Where does one purchase Table Tennis equipment in the Fort Collins Area?
Where does one get coaching in Northern Colorado?
Weekly Play
When does Fort Collins TTC meet?
We meet at the Fort Collins Senior Center, and the cost is about $4 drop-in fee. Tuesday and Thursday from 3-5 PM there is a more recreational/social time for play. Emphasis is on our Senior Citizen members - but ANYONE is welcome to come down and play! Saturdays from 3-5 PM is more competitive, and we employ the challenge system to keep the tables rotated. The third Saturday of the month is our Round Robin from 1-5 PM. Check out the calendar for more specific dates and times.
When does Aurora TTC meet?
Aurora TTC meets at the Paul Beck Rec Center in Aurora, and they meet most Sundays from about 11:30 until ??? Check out their club website for more information and costs. The Aurora Round Robin is on the first Sunday of each month - but check their website for changes.
When does Longmont TTC meet?
Longmont TTC meets at the rec center in Longmont currently on Saturday nights. Their times tend to change every few months, so be sure to check the information sheet we keep before you head down there - the costs should also be listed on the fact sheet!
When does Greeley TTC meet?
Greeley TTC meets at the Senior Center in Greeley, currently on Friday nights from 6-9 PM. Be sure to check the information sheet we keep before you head down there - the costs are currently $2.
Where else can I play in Colorado?
Check out our links page for links to other clubs in the region, or you can go to the USATT website and look at the club listings.
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What is a Round Robin?
A round robin is a format of play where everyone in a group plays each other. For our club RRs, we break the people who come to play into groups based on their Ratings Central rating. If you don't have one - we'll give you an approximate rating for the day. So you play people roughly around your level. Normally we have groups of 4-6 people and 3-6 groups, depending on turnout. If you win, your rating goes up, so you can move into the next higher group. On the same note, if you lose alot, you move down.
When is the Round Robin?
In Fort Collins, the RR is on the third Saturday of the month, from 1-5 PM. We normally finish earlier than that, but be prompt and notify the coordinator of your intent to participate. In case of a change, check out the calendar. NOTE: At 3 PM, there will always be at least one table available for free/rec/challenge play!
Aurora TTC has it's monthly RR on the first Sunday. Go to their website for more information.
Where can I see the results?
All scorecards are posted on the FCTTC website. You can check out historical and current results at any time.
What's my rating?
Your rating is posted at Ratings Central. We keep a list of players who frequently play at FCTTC on our ratings list. USATT ratings are listed on the USATT website.
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When is the next tournament?
For more information on tournament schedules, check out the tournament page. A current schedule of sanctioned events is listed. Every spring, the FCTTC hosts the Front Range Open, and in the fall the Fort Collins Open. Every summer, the Rocky Mountain State Games is held in the Springs. Aurora TTC has been hosting quite a few tournaments. Mostly annually, the Longmont TTC (formerly the Boulder TTC) hosts the Paul Cracraft Memorial tournament.
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What is the Fort Collins Table Tennis Club?
We are a group of people who live in and around Fort Collins, Colorado and enjoy playing table tennis. We have a formal committee and organization, and are in the process of formalizing membership and getting our non-profit 501(c)7 (or maybe 501(c)3?) status. ANYONE is welcome to come and play at any time we are open for play (check the calendar) where we are not formally renting the facility (e.g. during tournaments or closed club play).
How do I join?
To join the club, and support our efforts to become a non-profit, you can go to our members page, and pay by PayPal. Otherwise, you can come down during regular playing time and join. You can still just come on down and play or watch. Members get certain benefits such as discounts on club play time, access to the "Members Only" section of the website, discounts on TT equipment, etc...
What's an Affiliate/Sanctioned USATT club?
An affiliate club of the USATT is a club that is a member-club of the national organizing and oversight organization. Our benefits include listing on the national website and in booklets, as well as sanctioning of tournaments, and insurance.
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Where do I get table tennis equipment?
For the most part, players purchase their equipment online or through catalogues. Check out our links page for online purchasing. Club members get the benefit of discounts from pooling orders and free shipping and more!
Is there anyplace in Fort Collins to get Table Tennis equipment?
Yes. Sporting goods stores carry nets, tables, bats, and 40mm balls (AND 38mm balls - so make sure you verify they are 40mm!) of varying quality. Before you head out to Gart Sports and purchase a bat, try to talk to some people to make sure you get the right bat for your style and level of play.
Where did the tables come from?
Over time, good quality tables have been both purchased and donated to the Fort Collins Senior Center. We are always happy to accept donations towards the table fund. The FCTTC has purchased many nets and net assemblies, as well as club balls, over the past several years. Please treat the equipment with the utmost respect, as it is expensive and we have limited funds to replace and repair equipment.
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Where can I get coaching?
There are several options for coaching: In addition, there are a few people at our club who are willing to coach beginners.
There are probably many other people out there who are coaching. The USATT website has a listing of certified coaches.
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